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Fall Break at Old Stone Fort

Nashville Metro Schools start really early in the year (August 1st) so they take a two week fall break. We didn’t start school until September 4th (or, um, September 5th depending on who you ask), so we didn’t feel the need to take much of a break at all. Also, because we are somewhat in the unschooling/”learning all the time” camp, there doesn’t seem to be a big difference between “school days” and non “school days.”

Nevertheless, because I had the day off from my own school, we called Friday “Fall Break” and went camping with my brother and his family. They live in Chattanooga, so we met at Old Stone Fort, which is about halfway between us.

Once again, the girls found themselves in the woods–this time with their cousins. Despite a 10 year age difference between us, my brother’s two oldest daughters are within a year on either side of my own. They also have a 2 year old girl. It’s girl overload! We love it.

The great thing about camping with older kids is, well, camping with older kids. They set up their tent. They didn’t complain too much. They spent nearly THE ENTIRE two days in the woods. They were Katniss, and Legolas, and Meerkats, and we barely saw them.

The whole trip was rather short–about 24 hours, but we are so thankful to live so near to family. I’m so glad that our girls have each other! We were too busy having fun to take pictures, but we have a couple from our stop on our way out of town at a local park. These cousins love each other so much.

Cousins at the Park

Cousins at the Park

See you next week!

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