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Day 66 – Dentist Office Visit

Today the girls watched Liberty’s Kids, read books, and came with me to my dentist appointment. We didn’t do a lot, but as I held the girls’ hands and we walked to a sweet little paper shop across the street from my appointment, I just kept thinking about how fortunate we were to have each other.

Some of my favorite memories of my own childhood involve riding into town (we lived in the country–30 minutes from town) and running errands with my mom.

Watching her pick up a prescription at the pharmacy or an order from the Sears catalog store.

Walking with her into the hair salon or the bank.

I was learning so much about what it was like to be an adult–how to interact with people.

How to be kind and courteous to store employees.

How to purchase healthy food and to stay away from junk.

How to treat the poor and the homeless.

When to save and when to spend.

I am so thankful for our ordinary times.

This is how so many of our homeschool days look. I hope this encourages you that there doesn’t need to be revelatory lessons or earth shattering discoveries to be “successful” as a parent.

This is true no matter where our children go to school–at home or otherwise.


Sera reading the Swiss Family Robinson at the dentist.

Subjects covered today: Reading, Literature, American History, Home (Life) Economics 

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