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Days 16, 17, and 18 – Camping at Land Between the Lakes

Best. Field Trip. Ever.

I will probably never stop mentioning how wonderful the flexibility of homeschool is. Learning doesn’t have to be Monday-Friday! These are the chronicles of our 3 day camping trip (Friday-Sunday), which turned out to be both super fun, and wouldn’t you know it, educational.


On Friday we traveled 2 hours to visit the historic Fort Donelson in Dover, TN. When we got there, we watched a video about the Battle of Fort Donelson, where we learned that it was the battle that opened the south to the union army, and where  Ulysses S. Grant earned the nickname, “Unconditional Surrender.” The opposing general was Simon Bolivar Buckner–one of Grant’s good friends. Years after the war, Buckner would be a pallbearer in Grant’s funeral. Amazing.

The girls got to complete a “Junior Ranger” program that involved a scavenger hunt of sorts on the Battlefield and answering questions about the Civil War. They were so proud to earn their badges!

The girls are now Junior Rangers at Historic Fort Donelson

The girls are now Junior Rangers at Historic Fort Donelson

Our next stop was Land between the Lakes. We drove through windy Kentucky woods and got to spot bison hanging out on the bison reserve! When we got to the site, the first thing Sera did was set up a tent she had purchased with her allowance (another example of where math was involved–she had to figure out cost, tax percentage, etc.).

Camping itself involved all sorts of “subjects.” I checked off physics (setting up the tent), P.E. (volleyball and badminton), and nature study (hopefully that is obvious), just to name a few. Here’s a little recap of our camping experience.

camping collage

At night, Grandpa Tack and Grandma Dorothy took the girls fishing. Grandpa is a marine biologist in California, so the whole weekend was basically one giant biology lesson as the girls discovered fish, mussels, and a variety of shells along the shore. Grandpa caught a catfish–which we took home and fried! I can now say that I have fried catfish. Officially southern, y’all.

fishing collage

Southeast sunsets floor me. I have never seen sunsets so colorful or magnificent before living here. We feel so fortunate.

On the way home (Sunday) we stopped over at the John James Audubon Museum for a few hours. We took the tour of the museum and also identified all kinds of birds including: Goldfinches, Cardinals, Ruby Throated Hummingbirds, Tufted Titmice, Nuthatches, and Sparrows. We packed so much into 3 days!



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