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Day Off – Holiday with the Holydes

No school today!

Today we had visitors from England. I got to visit with a beloved friend and mentor I had not seen in 4 years. Suzanne Holyde and her husband Tonye introduced Josh and I when I was 17 and Josh was 20 (babies!). They were my high school teachers. Tonye officiated our wedding. I visited Prince Edward Island with Suzanne to scout out colleges my senior year. Their oldest daughter Chante’ was our flower girl, and their youngest daughter Ruthie met Sera when they were just babies. They are SO special to us.

We gave them the Nashville tour of some of the silly “must see” places and also some of our favorite places:

  • Cumberland park
  • Shelby Street pedestrian bridge
  • Downtown: Broadway
  • East Nashville
  • Las Maracas
  • Downtown Franklin
  • Mellow Mushroom

Really, we just wanted to spend time together–so we didn’t go crazy with the sightseeing. Still we had a good time. I think it’s our turn to skip over the pond next:)

nashville tourists


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  1. Suzanne says:

    Just seeing this post now! Thank you so much for the wonderful time in Nashville/Franklin. We loved seeing you all…and I agree next time you all need to visit us in London!! Love you!

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