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Day 98 – Bioblitz

We are part of a group of five families working to build biodiversity in our yards for the Nashville A Rocha Project. Today we conducted a bioblitz at our friend Jill’s property. The goal of a bioblitz, is to identify as many species as possible (the bio part) in very short amount of time (the blitz part). The data we gather will hopefully give us a baseline measurement of the current biodiversity level.

My professor at Lipscomb’s Sustainability Institute, Dr. LisaRenee English, led the group and gave a phenomenal lesson on biology communities and the food web. She tailored the information for our little ones so that they could understand the concepts and help with the bioblitz.

Today was a school holiday, so we had all of our sweet kiddos home (public, private, and homeschool alike) to explore and enjoy nature together. LisaRenee taught the kids about how all of life is connected and about the particular connections between creatures in the same community. The kids connected different animals (predators and prey) with yarn, and then LisaRenee cut the yarn to demonstrate what happens when there is a disturbance in the community.

Bioblitz Bioblitz Bioblitz

Then we went out “into the field” to do some research. We took our clipboards and our data sheets and recorded all of the living things we found in the creek.

Bioblitz Bioblitz Bioblitz Bioblitz

The kids found this little guy (possibly a creek chub):



And then they let him go:


Some of us identified and tagged the trees on the property:



An amazing (and cold!) adventure in Brown’s Creek:


Today was a great day for my budding biologists, and for all of the kids to learn that science is for everyone, and that we are all part of this place and this community.



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