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Day 94 – Tea Party Part Two

This is the second half of my post about Amelie’s tea party–you can find the first half here.

For the past few days, Amelie has been preparing a tea for two of her favorite GROWN UP ladies. I thought this was the sweetest idea, but I have to admit, at first I had to move beyond some of my “introvertedness” (spell check reminds me that this is not actually a word) to invite two grown ups to tea.But these are two of the sweetest ladies around, and they indulged my daughter’s request to come to tea–and to dress fancy too!

It turned out to be the week of Valentine’s, so Amelie had fun turning everything she could into hearts and decorating with red and pink. I LOVE throwing parties, but I realized that neither of the girls had ever planned and executed a party all themselves. It was really fun to watch the way Amelie arranged everything and to see her creativity unfold.

Amelie picked out special tea cups for Miss Ruthie and Miss Rebekka to take home (she even put some of her allowance toward the party).



She made paper fans out of paper she picked out and stuck a lollipop in the middle.





She made heart-shaped turkey sandwiches, fruit kabobs, and shortcake with sugared strawberries and whipped cream.


Miss Ruthie brought Amelie a special vintage pin and some chocolate too!



Amelie was BEAMING all day long. Sera and I stayed out of the way and served all of the food that Amelie had lovingly prepared. I confess that I was a bit jealous not to get to hang out more with these two ladies, but I didn’t want to impose on Amelie’s time with her guests:)

They chatted about movies (Frozen) and music (Taylor Swift) and books (Harry Potter) and food (Chocolate and Jolly Ranchers) and it did my heart good to imagine that Amelie is growing up in a community of strong, beautiful women who treat her like a young lady and listen to her voice.


I’m pretty sure this day made her life complete. Amelie has such a deep love for people, and I think it is so fitting that she was drawn to Ruthie and Rebekka–they have such wonderful hearts too. It was her dream come true to host these sweet girls!


At this point I was going to put the camera away, but Sera picked it up and began snapping pictures of everything. I love that she got the photo with Samantha, the American Girl doll:


And the slightly creepy Elizabeth enjoying her place at the table.


But best of all, Sera captured these moments:

Amelie skipping down the sidewalk with Miss R and Miss R…


Running to the Dogwood…


And deciding to wave goodbye from the branches.


Because she may be good at playing the princess, but that girl can also climb a tree.

Thank you Ruthie and Rebekka, Amelie will never forget this day!


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