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Day 93 – Tutorial Tuesday: New Music from Rain for Roots

Faithful readers, I interrupt our regularly scheduled homeschool/unschool themed Tuesday posts to do a little shameless campaigning for a children’s band I am in. Rain for Roots was formed around a dining room table, and the idea that there was a serious lack of Bible/scripture themed music for kids that was not only listenable, but enjoyable for adults as well.

We wanted to create the kind of music we would listen to ourselves, for little ones but also for their parents. We wanted to point these little children to the grace and love of Jesus, not just to “the rules.” I know that my personal experience with Bible music from childhood is that it was largely moralistic and often made me feel like I was doing something wrong, instead of teaching me that there was a God who loved and cared for me and who would leave the ninety-nine sheep to find the lost one–as Miss Katy sings so beautifully on our new record.

Speaking of new records…

Cover art by A. Micah Smith.

Cover art by A. Micah Smith.

We have new music, y’all!

Our first album was a collaborative work between children’s author Sally Lloyd-Jones (Jesus Storybook Bible) and the band–Sandra McCracken, Ellie Holcomb, Katy Bowser, and me: Sally wrote the poems (for her Hug-A-Bible) and we wrote the music.

This new album features all our own lyrics and all of the songs are taken from parables of Jesus:

Open Our Eyes
The Wise and Foolish Builder
Do Not Worry
Good Fruit
Leaven Bread
Come to Me
Wedding Banquet
Mustard Seed
Go Get The Lost One
The Lord’s Prayer

The album, The Kingdom of Heaven is Like This, is available now as a limited digital release through Bandcamp and Big Cartel until April 8th, when it will be available on iTunes, Amazon, etc. There is also a pre-order option, so you can download the songs digitally TODAY and still get the physical album shipped to you on April 8th. 

We have been living and meditation and hoping in these parables for the last few months. These scriptures have had a profound effect on each of us, and we offer these songs with humble hearts, hoping that each little one who listens will know the love and grace of Jesus.



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