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Day 92 – Tea Party Part One

Sometime in the fall, Amelie began asking me about inviting two special guests for a tea party. There were two girls in particular that she wanted to have over for tea. But these were not kids from the neighborhood or her tutorial or ballet. They were not kids at all.

We go to church with these two lovely ladies and Amelie is obsessed with them both. These girls are ridiculsously gorgeous with hearts to match. I think they have a lot of little admirers among the Sunday School set, and in fact, one of the ladies–Miss Rebekka–is Amelie’s teacher.

The other sweet girl, Miss Ruthie, has a special place in our hearts because I left Amelie in her care at the church nursery the first Sunday we ever attended–back when Amelie was 18 months old–back when she looked like this:

Amelie Throw Back

In some ways I feel like we are still “new” to Nashville. But when I look at how much the girls have grown since we have moved here, I realize that the past few years comprise the majority of their history. These people and places are part of their story, and I couldn’t be more thankful that it includes such sweet friends as Miss Ruthie and Miss Rebekka.

So when my enamoured little girl asked to host a tea party for these two ladies I thought we’d make it a homeschool project and let her do all the planning and prep. After perusing some tea party books and scrolling through Pinterest, Amelie made a list of all of the treats she thought she might like to have. A lot of the ideas were totally her own, and some she found through her research.

*I can’t remember if she was trying to spell, “Grapes” or “Crepes” but whatever she wrote looks like “Craps,” which I assure you was not on the menu.

Tea Party List

The party is in two days, and Amelie spent the better part of today shopping and preparing all of the food. It is so fun to watch the girls’ creativity unfold. If we didn’t homeschool I don’t think I would have the time or the energy to follow through with these kinds of big projects.

IMG_0525 IMG_0526 IMG_0527 IMG_0530 IMG_0532 IMG_0533 IMG_0534 IMG_0535 IMG_0536 IMG_0537

Once we got home, she worked on making the decorations and prepping/baking the treats:


IMG_0544 IMG_0545IMG_1269 IMG_1275 IMG_1279 IMG_1284 IMG_1286 IMG_1290

While Amelie worked on her party prep for most of the day, Sera drafted her article for the Music City News. Stay tuned for Tea Party Part Two!

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