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Day 91 – Saturday School

Today is Saturday, but we are “schooling” anyway so that we can stay on track to finish the semester at the end of May. I recently realized that we spend our Saturdays much like we spend our schooldays anyway, so we might as well count ‘em when we can.

Today was such a sweet day. Normally the girls just play on their own on Saturdays and Josh and I catch up on chores. It was actually very nice for me to spend intentional time with the girls today.

IMG_1159 Saturday School

We sat at the table and shared peanut butter cups over grammar. It was lovely.

IMG_1177 Saturday School

Amelie requested that I take this RIDICULOUS photo of her and place it side by side with a very sweet photo. So, there ya go:

IMG_1191 Saturday School

Later, Josh read the Silmarillion with the girlies.

IMG_0507 Saturday School

I don’t know why Amelie is making this face! Perhaps they were at a particularly exciting (or horrifying) moment.

Saturdays are for learning too! I was glad for that reminder today.

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