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Day 9 – Shakespeare 101

Today we spent most of the morning helping a friend in need. We love our city and our friends. If someone is hurting, we put our needs (and educational goals) aside and we step in. Our friends do the same for us. This is what community is about, and I don’t want my girls to forget it.

However, like I’ve said before, the beauty of homeschool is that it is flexible. The four hours of learning time I’m supposed to get in do not have to be before lunch, or even consecutive. After keeping a journal of our homeschool life I’ve realized that it is almost impossible to nail down “learning time” to four hours at all.

We are learning all the time.

Nevertheless, I managed to sneak in two documentaries that day about recent points of interest:

Last Friday night the girls and I watched a live performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Shakespeare in the Park. It was phenomenal. The girls especially liked it when Peach Blossom the fairy crept into the audience and stole some of our veggie straws. At home we discussed the play and I had the girls paraphrase it for Josh. I was really impressed that they understood most of the major points. We talked about how amazing it is that Shakespeare’s plays can make us laugh 400 years later.

So today, in keeping with the Shakespeare theme, we watched a documentary about the globe theatre. I did have to sort of censor for little ears.

Later, we watched another documentary about Louisa May Alcott.

After Josh got home, the girls discussed the globe theatre and the geography of England together:

studying the globe theatre

Please ignore the stare-down Josh and Sera seem to be having. At least one child appears to be enjoying Shakespeare 101.

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  1. Ariana says:

    Were you disappointed in L.M.A? I read that she only wrote Little Women as tripe to earn money from and thought it sentimental and silly. :(

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