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Day 86 – Frozen

Today was frigid. It was so cold, that METRO schools were canceled and the students had a “snow” day. We decided that since a) there was no actual snow on this “snow” day, and b) the roads were fine, we should get together with some of our dearest friends who are normally in school.

A bit of history: For about a year after we had moved to town, I kept hearing about this “other mom with two girls” and how much we would get along. I think we might have become Facebook friends, but never met or hung out. Then one night, we met at a concert (how Nashville of us! Our sweet friend Jill was playing) and set up a playdate.

GOODNESS these girls were babies! This is from the FIRST time they ever met. A playdate at my house. All of them crammed on the couch watching My Little Pony.


Alison and I sat in my dining room and talked…and talked…AND TALKED…and talked. SO much. I don’t think it’s normal for a first time playdate to last so many hours! She was a kindred spirit for sure. Then we discovered that her oldest and Sera are exactly 1 year and 1 day apart, and their birthdays were in a few days.

So naturally, we invited each other to the girls birthdays. Then there was the random playdate at a park…and maybe one other time I’m forgetting because I think we figured out that we hung out EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR FIVE DAYS after the first playdate.

We had regular playdates after this (usually on Wednesdays) until the girls started school. We see each other less now that all of the girlies have their own activities, but we love them as much as ever! So I was SO excited when METRO schools were closed and these sweet friends invited us to play!

We went to Alison’s in the morning, and the girls (as usual) were delighted to be reunited. They are also all obsessed with Frozen and treated us to a full concert of (nearly) every song on the soundtrack. Even the littlest addition to Alison’s family (sweet baby C) joined in at one point.


They were…enthusiastic to say the least!

Later that day, Sera had her very first newspaper club meeting for the Music City News–a newspaper produced by homeschool kids in East Nashville. She was so inspired! She received her packet, took great notes, and thought of two article ideas while at the meeting.

Newspaper Club

Later in the day, we had our regular lessons and then the girls listened to audio books. They listened to Harry Potter and giggled while folding their clothes. Meanwhile, I put on headphones, listened to The Fault in our Stars, and cried while doing the dishes.

Folding Clothes

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