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Day 84 – Allowance and Craft Stores

Today the girls each wanted to continue with knitting projects they had going, but they had run out of supplies. So our day largely consisted of counting allowance to see how much they had to spend, and then shopping at JoAnn’s.

I know there are lots of different opinions on allowance, but I feel comfortable giving the girls weekly spending money. They work hard, they (generally) keep their rooms tidy, and I think they spend pretty wisely. We give them half of their age in allowance money per week.

We never, ever, ever have cash on hand (how un-Dave Ramsey of us, I know) but we don’t use credit cards either. We use debit cards, but our bank–a credit union we love and don’t want to leave–is in our home state of California. Not super easy to get cash when you need it. SO, we use Allowance Manager, an allowance website and free corresponding app to keep up with their money.

I can set it up to add “money” to their accounts weekly, and they can see a running tally of their deposits and withdrawals like a real bank account. Speaking of deposits and withdrawals, these were terms we discussed during the morning, so we got a little vocabulary sprinkled in with our math/economics lesson.

So off we went to find rainbow loom storage and yarn. I feel like 90% of kids in America must have gotten rainbow looms for Christmas. The rubber bands are EVERYWHERE in my house. So when both girls said they wanted to purchase rainbow loom storage, I was more than willing to drive them 20 minutes north to Joann’s.

Once we were there, we found out there was a sale specifically on plastic storage (score). So the girls walked out with matching $10 dollar containers that looked eerily like the Kaboodles I coveted in the 80s. They also purchased yarn. Sera got some yarn to make beautiful cuffs (see below) for her new knitting business, and Amelie purchased some multicolor yarn to make a Gryffindor scarf.

Rainbow Loom Storage

We stopped by the library on the way home, checked out books, and read at home. And the best part? No more teeny tiny rubber bands all over my floor!

Knitted Cuffs

Sera’s cuffs with vintage buttons, modeled by her lovely Nona.

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