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Day 83 – Knitting

Today I covered math with the girls on Adapted Mind, which is a math website that both girls really like. We also did a short lesson from Simply Grammar and Grammar Girl. Then I had to go to Lipscomb, so Josh took over for the rest of the day.

When I got home, they girls were listening to books on audio and knitting. Sera has gotten very far on her scarf, and Amelie has finally gotten the hang of the knitting loom.

Day 83 - Knitting Day 83 - Knitting Day 83 - Knitting

I taught myself how to knit while I was pregnant with Sera. I knit a small sage green scarf. I didn’t know that I would have a girl, or that her middle name would be Sage. This was exactly 10 years ago. I just knit–loop after loop, stitch after stitch–over my big pregnant belly. Never imagining that in no time I would have TWO big, smart, creative girls who would be knitting on their own.

It is as lovely to be their mama as it is to see them knitting quietly at home on a Wednesday afternoon.

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