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Day 81 -Grammar Girl and Rain for Roots

Today we kept up with our pattern of doing 15 minutes of math and 15 minutes of grammar. I am using two grammar books, which are very different from each other.  I love them both. Simply Grammar is more of a traditional curriculum, but we only do one page a day at most. I think it is based on Charlotte Mason lessons and ideas. I got it free a few years ago, and I’ve referred to it over the years with the girls, even when they were in school. Somedays we skip that book, and opt for an easier lesson from Mignon Fogarty–aka–Grammar Girl.

I LOVE the Grammar Girl website. When I first began writing seriously, it served as a very useful tool for brushing up on grammar advice and for quickly figuring out the answers to common grammar issues like “who” vs. “whom.” I still refer to it frequently. I saw Fogarty’s book at McKay for $2 and snatched it up. No, it’s not technically “grammar curriculum.” But I think the short “devotional” type lessons are perfect for kids who have some grammar knowledge already.

Since reading the Grammar Girl book, the girls have learned about how to use former and latter, the difference between who and whom, and why it is actually NOT always grammatically correct to say “he and I” instead of “he and me.” An Aardvark and a Snail are featured characters who help illustrate the lessons. The book is for adults, but the girls like it a lot. There is a lesson for every day of the week, and often we read more than one, or skip a few that are too advanced.

I think this will help the girls with their writing more than diagraming sentences would because it is such practical advice.


Later in the day, the girls and I headed to the studio to finish up kid vocals for the new Rain for Roots album. I CANNOT WAIT to share the new songs with everyone. I just heard new mixes and I CRIED. Of course the little kiddo voices make it extra sweet.

In the studio, it seems like littles are either refusing to sing/cooperate, or laughing hysterically into the microphone. We have approximately 30 seconds to catch whatever happens in between. But when we do? Magic.

Rain for Roots

The new album should be out in the spring, and I’ll definitely keep everyone updated with official release details!

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