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Day 8 – Little Women, Part Two

We finished Little Women this morning, so naturally, we watched the film adaptation. Personally, this was the highlight of my week, although I don’t think my girls quite understand my affection for Clare Danes, Christian Bale, or all things 90s.

Sometimes homeschool is super annoying. Like when the girls slide down their chairs and writhe upon the ground at the suggestion that they answer five questions about the film vs. the book. They were tired. Their hands hurt. One child was mad because the other child “stole her answer” for how a scene from the movie was how she imagined it in the book. You.Are.Killing.Me.

I never really resolved that one because we ran out of time and were supposed to meet up at Open Play. Our “open play” is a scheduled meet-up with other homeschool families. Think of it as a 3-hour long recess with about 50 other kids. They love it.

First we walked a nature trail with one other family, then the girls played on the playground with all the other kids. Afterward we spent a good amount of time over at the nature play area. It is so wonderful to have so many other homeschooling families in our neighborhood. Meeting up helps me and the kids not feel isolated and the support from other moms is so valuable.

I’ll leave you with this. Look how thrilled she is to be having tea and writing about Little Women!

little women book repot


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  1. alana says:

    are you sick of my comments yet? i had to comment on this post because THAT little women is my FAVORITE movie. i have the same affections.

  2. We are almost done reading LW too! I can’t wait to watch the movie together. & I love your bit a/b how hs can be annoying-that cracked me up! & I’ll be contacting you-we need to get out w/other hs families more-haven’t found a fit in this side of town.

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