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Day 79 – Sick Day

Sera was still not feeling well today. But I’m glad she’s home with me. I’m glad I didn’t have to decide whether or not to send her to school, or to have to rearrange my day if I needed to keep her home. That’s not necessarily in my top 5 reasons to homeschool or anything, it’s just a small thing that I’m thankful for now that we are home.

Sick Day

I am so thankful that I can look over from my spot at the dining table and see my precious girl reading away.

Meanwhile, Amelie was busy building with legos.


We read a lot today, but other than that, this is all that really “got done.”

Lots of resting, snuggling, and getting well.

And all without stress of schoolwork to make up later or missing out on something at school.

Maybe when they were in school, this is what we were missing out on.


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