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Day 78 -Borax Crystals and Cornstarch Cloud Dough


Amelie recently tried to grow crystals using salt water, but the experiment didn’t really work. Ever since, she has been begging me to try the project with Borax, since that is what Sera used and we know that it works. Poor Sera was sick today, so I let her watch documentaries while Amelie and I made crystals.

These are the steps to making borax crystals:

  1. Boil water (a cup or so is fine per crystal)
  2. Pour water into a mason jar or other container that can handle boiling water
  3. Mix in 3-4 TBSP of Borax
  4. Mix in food coloring of your choice
  5. Use a pipe cleaner to form a shape. Tie the shape to a pencil or stick, and hang it over the jar so that the shape is suspended in the liquid
  6. Wait a few hours

BoraxFood coloring

You can see the final result at the top of the post.

Look at how the borax formed crystals around the bottom of the jar! So cool.


That was all I had planned for projects today, but later I saw a post come up in my Facebook feed about “cloud dough.” I had never heard of such a thing, but it seemed easy enough to make.

The only 2 ingredients are cornstarch and hair conditioner! I did add blue food coloring, but it’s just fine without any. I also used natural hand lotion instead of conditioner and it turned out great. It is slightly crumblier than play dough. I think it will take a few times of experimenting with ratios to get it quite right. The suggested ratio is 2 parts starch to 1 part lotion/conditioner. 




We don’t do messy projects like this often, but it was fun to do today!

*Also, see that candle in the picture above? THAT, my friends, is a handmade candle sent to me by my very best friend (who, sadly, lives very far away). She recently launched her own company, and she hand-crafts these candles using soy, beeswax, and 100% essential oils. They are AMAZING.

I never was a “candle” person before, but now that I’m home all the time, I find myself in need of extra little “pick-me-ups” to get through the long winter days. Instead of reaching for another cup of caffeine, I’ve been lighting a candle in the afternoon. It brings joy to my house, and the aromatherapy changes my mood. Thanks so much, Poppy Jane Candle Co.!

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