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Day 76 – New Week, New Plan

Last week was our first official week back after the winter break. But this week is our first week without visitors or recitals or (hopefully) sickness. This is our first week back in a real routine.

A few weeks ago, the girls and I talked about our plans for the spring semester. Remember, “unschool” is mostly about what works for our family, not a die-hard dedication to a specific theory or idea. So we agreed as a family, that a very short grammar lesson a day (not to exceed 15 minutes) and a short math review (again, not to exceed 15 minutes) would be reasonable.

Amelie seems to have more of an affinity towards math, and likes to do math for fun, and Sera seems to have more of a natural gift for writing. We thought that we could compromise, and spend a little time on both. I’m very proud of what big girls they are, and how they listen thoughtfully to my ideas for our little Mighty Oak Academy.

Our new schedule is:

9-9:30 Pray/Bible

9:30-10am Lessons (math and/or grammar)

10am-noon Open/Project Time

Open/project time is WIDE open. They can create, or they can spend time learning more about something that they are already interested in. They can make stuff. They can watch my science lectures with me. They can knit. They can build legos. They can watch documentaries. They can listen to audio books or read.

This plan feels great for me, because it gives me a little bit more of the structure I need, but it is not too much for the girls–just one hour a day of “lessons.”

After lunch, the girls have even more freedom. They can play video games or watch something or just sit on the floor and do nothing (as they are apt to do sometimes).

Today looked like this:

The girls working on thank-you notes


Current obsession: Rainbow loom


While the girls worked on their rainbow looms, we watched this lecture from my sustainability course

It was a great day!

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