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Day 73 – Field Trip to the Frist


Our first visit to the Frist Center for the Visual Arts was nearly exactly six years ago. We had moved to Nashville the week before. I had a preschooler and a baby. I can’t believe how little they were:


In the past six years we have visited the Frist many times. We have seen exhibits there from all around the world, and from all different eras and art movements.

My mom is visiting from California this week, and we were looking for things to do during the arctic polar vortex snowpocalypse of 2014. Or something like that. A sweet friend recently gave us Frist passes, and I immediately thought to take my mom.

First stop, Crema. Some of my favorite coffee in town.


Hot cocoa for Sera, coffee for the rest of us–decaf for Amelie, of course.


Once we got to the Frist, we learned that Normal Rockwell was the featured artist, and the exhibit was full of his original work. I can’t say I was necessarily a fan before, but I thoroughly enjoyed an on-site documentary about Rockwell. He was a true storyteller, and his remarkable detail for ordinary life makes his art really accessible for kids. The girls usually want to speed through the exhibit to get upstairs to ArtQuest, but today they wanted to look at every Rockwell piece in the exhibit.

One of my favorite things about the Frist is ArtQuest. ArtQuest takes up nearly the entire second floor, and it is a space for children to practice creativity through visual art. The perfect activity for a cold winter’s day!Once we got upstairs the girls immediately got to work. There are several “stations” at ArtQuest, and the first station they chose was to do relief printing. Even Nona participated!


So serious.


Making prints:


Next, Amelie and Sera made some stop-motion videos. There is a station set up with props, background scenery, little plastic animals, etc. The girls love to create terrifying scenes of birds carrying cats away and tigers eating other animals. Then they cackle and leave the video to scandalize other museum patrons and small children.


Amelie made a crown out of scraps:



Next, the girls experimented with wood sculpture:



This is a Kaleidoscope creation Sera made. The practice teaches symmetry.


My iPod was running out of battery, so this is the last photo I got. Amelie, looking cute with her train creation:


We had a great day at the museum, and it was fun to share one of our first Nashville experiences with my mom. I’m so thankful for the resources in our city!


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