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Day 71 – Back to Life…

This morning, with Christmas freshly behind us and our tree and all of the decorations having been packed away the night before, I woke the girls and reminded them that winter break was over. No matter that my mom was beginning her week long visit, we had to have some sort of normalcy and routine again, and so we would be starting school again today.

If it were a previous decade, I would break out my best “kick ball-chain, ball-chain” aerobics move while singing “Back to liiiife, back to real-i-ty” and embarrass them into action. But because late 80s cultural references are completely lost on these two, they are generally confused by my outbursts.

I phased us in slowly. I knew it might feel rough to jump right back into things after sleeping in late and gorging on Christmas stocking candy. So I let them do whatever they wanted for a long time, still under the premise that it was a “school day.”

Sera looked out the window at birds…

Bird Watcher

Amelie played Rummikub by herself…


After awhile I realized that I was completely zoned out on the couch while my mom did my dishes and the kids were on the floor doing nothing. Apparently even 80s R&B couldn’t motivate us into action. I took a deep breath, put on my big girl pants (i.e., drank some coffee), and told the girls they could do a science experiment.

They were actually very motivated to do all of the work themselves, so in the end it required very little effort from me at all (unless you consider getting up off of the couch from post-Christmas-break stupor “effort”…today it felt that way).

Sera looked up instructions for making borax crystals online and set to work.


Amelie looked up a salt crystal recipe in a book and decided to try that instead. It worked out great because we would be able to compare the different methods: salt vs. borax.

Salt Cyrstals

We waited 24 hours.

The borax crystals looked like this:

borax final

The salt crystals looked like…well…there were actually no salt crystals. Although some did form on the top of the pencil that held Amelie’s pipe cleaner heart in the salt water solution.


As you can tell, the borax worked much better than salt. Amelie is eager to try again with borax in a few days.

So that was pretty much our day. A slow start, a fun project, and just like that, back to life. Next time you are feeling unmotivated, just imagine these awesome ladies. Sing it with me. You know you want to.


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