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Day 7 – Playing in the Rain

Our day began with reading from the book of Genesis and then shuttling off to Swim Club. Amelie and I had our weekly reading date at Sip while Sera was at the YMCA.

When we got home, I had high hopes of having the girls write letters to our California friends and family in order to practice penmanship, spelling, etc. Instead, my younger dear beloved child threw a fit on the floor for 20 minutes.

Discouraged, I called Josh and basically told him that homeschool was too hard. He has watched me give birth, go back to school full time, and start my own music career, so I’m pretty sure he is confused when I call him on the phone at work because my 7 year old is laying on the floor. Nevertheless, he is always calm, reassuring, and helpful.

He gave me a pep-talk. I crawled up onto Amelie’s loft bed and we watched the rain fall onto the garden outside her bedroom window. It was such a good moment and I’m glad I calmed down enough to enjoy it. She was very sweet and ready to start over.

Amelie really wanted to learn multiplication, and instead of handing her flashcards to memorize, I had her make her own. I gave her math blocks and index cards and let her figure out the 2x tables.

After she made flash cards, she lined up all of the blocks in the set to form one big tower and then wanted to measure it. With all of the extra counting and measuring, there was even more math involved in that “fun” diversion.

math blocks

Meanwhile, Sera studied hummingbirds and printed a study guide about hummingbird anatomy. Later we read more Little Women, and the girls played with air dry clay.

We packed a lot of “school” in, but my favorite moment of the day came when I had a spur of the moment idea to send the girls outside to play in the pouring rain. I knew they would love it. I knew it would break Amelie’s bad mood. I knew it would be a gigantic muddy mess when it was over. But you know, sometimes life is about living in the moment and I would rather them remember this than the measuring and the math facts.

Playing in the rain

Subjects covered today: Math, Reading, Nature, Bible, and my personal fave, Playing in the Rain!

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  1. alana says:

    playing in the rain is good for the soul. thanks for sharing your/their struggles as well as your/their successes! it gives me hope. :)

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