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Day 68 – Surprise Breakfast and a Planning Day

I was in and out of sleep when I heard them whispering outside my bedroom door this morning. They heard me getting up and cracked the door. Two little sets of eager eyes were peeking in at me.

“Are you getting up now, mama?”

“Yes…I think so…should I get up now?”


I could tell they had planned some sort of surprise, but nothing could have prepared me for this sight at the table:


They had, completely by themselves, made me coffee and a waffle. The coffee was weak, and the waffle was still slightly frozen in the center, but it was the sweetest breakfast I had ever tasted.

The waffle was a GF Trader Joe’s toaster waffle, so they had just plugged in the toaster and popped it in. But the coffee process is a bit more complicated. They heated the water in the electric kettle, found the right coffee filter and put it in the clever cup, and then poured the water over. I hadn’t taught them, they just remembered from watching us.

Over breakfast, we discussed our homeschool plans and goals for the new year. I asked the girls if they liked the current system, or if there was anything they would like to change. We had been trying a more “free for all” approach to unschooling lately, but I think all of our personalities need just a little more time structure.

We decided that while most of the day would be unschooled, we would focus one hour a day on science in the spring semester, and we would learn it together. I am currently studying sustainability as part of my integrated studies program for writing and ecology. Our family is also one of several families participating in a Backyard Biodiversity Project for Nashville A Rocha. We hope to bring biodiversity back into our yard by planting native trees and plants and fostering habitats for native critters. This will be a months-long project, and it will require a lot of work from all of us. The perfect “unschool” project!

I treasure the gift that allows us to sit, unhurried at the table, enjoying a simple meal together. I love listening to their little voices as they offer suggestions about their schooling, our days, and our life. They are sweet, competent, wise, and lovely.

Breakfast Together


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