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Day 67 – Tutorial Tuesday: Sewing School Book Review

*Edited to include video

Awhile back, a friend asked me how the girls got interested in sewing.

I thought this would be a great chance to interview Sera and to get her thoughts about the sewing process. The video of Sera’s interview is at the bottom of the post.

My friend Meg owns a lovely sewing studio in California and teaches children’s sewing classes. She recommended the book Sewing School, and my mother-in-law gave it to Sera for her birthday the same year we gave her the sewing basket. Amelie received a copy from her great-aunt Donna, and both girls treasure their books.

The book is both instructional (teaching the basics of sewing) and project based (there are patterns and projects to complete). I absolutely love the book, and here are my top three reasons why:

1. Age Appropriate Projects

Children can actually complete these projects themselves. There are projects for a variety of ages, and each project is easily customizable or adaptable. Because there are projects of varying levels of skill, this will be a book the girls can use for a long time. Also, the patterns are made of thicker paper (more like printer paper) than typical patterns, which are usually made of tissue paper.

2. Realistic Photos

This is probably my favorite part about the whole book. The photos in the book display the true creativity of children. They show “imperfections” in individual projects, such as uneven stitching, etc. When my kids open the pages, they are not intimidated. When they complete a project, they are not disappointed at the outcome. The photographs even show kids with dirt under their fingernails and bandaids on their little fingers. My kids relate to this book and the pictures are fantastic.

3. Quality of Instruction

The project directions are easy to follow and easy to understand. The girls have each completed projects from the book and needed little to no help from me at all. The girls have also learned sewing vocabulary, types of fabric, stitching methods, how to tie knots, etc. from the clear presentation of the lessons.

Below are some of the items Sera has made after learning to sew:

Sewing Projects

This is my interview with Sera. Some interesting information I gleaned: Sewing improves your muscles (1:35), and be careful how you sew a pillow, or it might look “scrabbly”…unless you want to make a lion (2:35).

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