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Day 64 – University Visit…and Reindeer

Today the girls did the usual reading together, reading separately, and playing outside. I asked them if there was anything specific they wanted to learn about today, and being close to Christmas (I guess?) they both agreed on reindeer. Yes. Reindeer.

I had told them they could watch a documentary, but as you can imagine, there are not a lot of documentaries about reindeer. I finally found a few that were about reindeer herding, and one that was about reindeer racing. They watched it, and they loved it. If you too would like to learn about reindeer racing, I have linked to it from the blog. You’re welcome.

The rest of the afternoon we spent at Lipscomb University where I am currently an undergrad student. All of my classes are online, but I had to go meet with a professor so the girls came along. I love how my campus is so very welcoming of kids. There is always a room for them for read in, and the professors always engage them in meaningful conversation.

I am pursuing a degree in a very non-traditional manner. I’m in the adult degree program where I have been able to earn class credit for work I’ve already done in real life. Additionally, the classes I’m taking are mostly independent studies and internships centered around things I’m already doing in my career. It’s been amazing. I think it’s SO important for my girls to see that it is possible to learn this way–even in college. I feel like I’m basically “unschooling” as an adult learner.

I want the girls to know that they can pursue higher education (if they decide to) while maintaining their passion and excitement for learning. College need not be dull or restrictive. Sometimes the unschool/homeschool community can be dismissive of the college experience, but college doesn’t have to be a chore to get through or only a means to a degree. College is whatever you choose to make it. I am making the most of every class and enjoying it immensely. 

Little Lipscomb bison:


They helped me figure out which building to go to. That counts as something, right? Reading, geography…or both?


College girls:


Subjects covered today: Reading, Nature, Reindeer


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