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Day 63 – Measuring a Chicken

“But I need to measure her…so I can sew her a little suit.”

This is what my 9 year old daughter said to me as I caught her red-handed with a chicken in the house. We had already read for the day, done a Bible lesson from Exodus, and watched the Prince of Egypt as a treat when I sent the girls outside to play.

All of that sewing the other day was really inspiring, however, and my girls were just so eager to get their hands on a little real-life model. They chose Popcorn, the Sultan Hen:


They measured…

Measuring Popcorn 1

And measured…

Measuring Popcorn 2

And measured…

Measuring Popcorn 3

And measured some more.

Measuring Popcorn 4

They added, subtracted, jotted down numbers, and recorded their measurements in a notebook. Their work is currently in progress.

Will it look like this?

Chicken Jacket

Courtesy of sodahead.com

Or this?

Chicken Hat

Courtesy of Unexpectedfarmergc.blogspot.com

Or, perhaps, this?

Chicken Diapers

Courtesy of NPR

Who knows! Time will tell. Do stay tuned for further developments.

Subjects covered today: Reading, Bible, Math, Sewing

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