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Day 61 – Snow Day/Sew Day

It snowed again today, and after one look at the frigid front yard, the girls decided to stay in and sew.

Amelie SewsSewing

We have been reading Little Men together, so after reading together for Advent, the girls asked to listen to the book on audio while they did their sewing.


They sewed purses, and Sera practiced knitting.


We ran a couple of errands and kept listening to Little Men in the car. When we came home, they were back at it again.

More Sewing

They didn’t want me to turn off the audio book. They quietly sewed for HOURS!


They finished their projects, and we finished listening to Little Men.


My girls LOVE the book Sewing School. It has really helped them be able to do small projects on their own. A friend recently asked a question about how they got started sewing. I plan on writing about this in a future Tutorial Tuesday post–perhaps next week!

Subjects covered today: Sewing, Reading, Literature

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