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Day 6 – Flexibility

Today I felt like we needed a change of scenery, so we headed to our local coffeehouse to sit and read together. I thought hot cocoa and reading Little Women would be a fun treat, but one of my sweet beloved children was acting out of sorts, grumpy, and short tempered with everyone. Just goes to show that sometimes our days can look picturesque on the outside while we are actually all falling apart.

We managed to trudge through a chapter of Little Women and I went home feeling slightly defeated. We finished watching the hummingbird documentary we started on Monday and also watched a YouTube video of a baby hummingbird hatching from an egg, which was really, really cool.

Part of the beauty of homeschooling is being flexible. Living in a tight community means swapping childcare and hosting playdates, and today a dear friend’s little one came over to play for awhile. I love that homeschooling fosters multi-age play, and my girls are really tender with younger children. We all watched part of Swan Lake while the three girls danced together in the living room.

swan lake

Hey, I didn’t say anything about the dancing being civilized.

Topics covered today: Literature, Science, Nature, and Arts.

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