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Day 56 – Snowflakes

Darth Vader


It was the gift of the homeschool gods.

A  miracle even.

Okay, maybe not miracle, but close.

The morning was gray and depressing. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to “take off” the entire week for Thanksgiving break, or just Wednesday through Friday. Being largely unschool-y, it is hard to determine whether or not we are on a break or not anyway.

We had plenty of official school days logged, so I decided that we would take a break (I wouldn’t blog or set out activities, etc.), but that I wouldn’t tell the girls quite yet…you know, in case something really awesomely schoolish came up.

As I was perusing the ol’ Facebook (sadly, my first activity while on Thanksgiving “break”), I saw a link to a website that provides Star Wars Snowflake patterns. I showed it to Sera, and of course, she wanted to make snowflakes immediately. Soon Amelie joined in. Josh was home from work for the week as well, so we thought it would be fun to surprise him.

They snipped…

Making Snowflakes

And snipped…


And snipped away.


About an hour into snowflake snipping, Amelie asked, “Can we watch a documentary about how snowflakes are formed? Like…a science video.”

Uhhh, YES, we can. I was very excited.

Mama is on a “break,” but I have fooled my child! She asked for a documentary! We are about to do science and it wasn’t even my idea!

Amelie remembered learning about Wilson Bentley in 1st grade, and she asked to find a video about him. Bentley, aka “Snowflake Bentley” was one of the first snowflake photographers. We learned about Bentley’s photography, his life, and of course, snowflakes.

Afterward, we watched a Khan Academy Video about how to cut snowflakes and the math behind how it works. We also watched a few short videos about snow and snowflake science.

After about THREE hours of clipping snowflakes, Sera walked into the living room, stopped,  and announced, “I think I’m done.” We laughed. Then we looked outside. And we COULD NOT believe our eyeballs.

I had not been paying attention to anything weather related, and because it was still November, we hadn’t expected anything beyond cold temps. But there they were.

Snow on Strawberries

Barely visible against the stark sky…little flurries were beginning.

House in the Snow

We all yelled, “SNOW!” And the girls were out of the house before I could say Snowflake Bentley.

Misc Import 47 Sera Snow

Amelie Catching Snow

Sera Snowflakes

They wanted to see what it looked like from their climbing tree.

Sera Tree

So they climbed…

Amelie Tree

Until they reached the very top.

Girls in the Tree

The snow came down…


And they climbed up.

Girls in the Snowy Tree

And when they finally came back in, there were still snowflakes to catch.

Darth Vader

No two snowflakes are completely alike. And neither, it seems, are homeschool days. Today we received The Snowflake Unit from Heaven. Today was magic.

Snow Collage

Subjects covered today: Science, Math, Nature, History


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