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Day 54 – Meerkats and Deborah Sampson


This morning I read more of Exodus with the girls. I also gave them time to work on individual projects. This month, Sera has been researching Meerkats and Amelie has been researching the American Revolution.

Amelie loves biographical research. She has been hooked on Liberty’s Kids, and wanted to study Sarah, one of the main characters. The problem is that “Sarah” is not an actual historical figure. She sort of represents the British point of view in the series. Amelie was pretty disappointed and got upset at the prospect of creating a project about anyone else. We could have done a sort of literary analysis about the show’s character, but I also knew Amelie would really enjoy researching a real life revolutionary figure, so I offered to help her find someone interesting to study. Her only demand was that she wanted to research a girl.

I think I googled something very academic, like, “girls of the American Revolution,” which, now that I type it out again, sounds like some sort of 18th century reality show or a very ridiculous pin-up calendar.

Anyhoo, I found a bunch of names and Amelie and I read a little about each person. She was pretty grumpy, shooting down every suggestion and telling me that everyone was “boring.” Finally, a long, long time into our search (and with my patience growing very thin) we stumbled upon Deborah Sampson–a young woman who had disguised herself as a man in order to fight in the American Revolution. Bingo. Amelie’s eyes lit up and we had a winner.

Amelie began to research Deborah Sampson while Sera continued researching Meerkats.


Amelie also began fashioning little clay models of Deborah…and a war cannon.


Sera gathered the Meerkat facts she has been collecting and started to put together her Meerkat board.


Later, Amelie multiplied and calculated to figure out how many legos she needed to play Mancala.


Both girls wrote back and forth in morse code, played outside, and picked carrots to bring in for dinner. The bulk of the day, however, was spent on their projects.

Subjects covered today: Nature, American History, Math, Reading, Bible



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