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Day 51 – Infection and Adaptation

Today the girls and I took a little field trip to our local health food store, The Turnip Truck. We had sickness and infection sweeping through our house, and I wanted to get rid of my particular ailment without the use of antibiotics. As we drove home, I tried my best to explain adaptation, natural selection, and antibiotic resistance.

I remembered something from one of my environmental science courses: we often say that natural selection allows for the strongest to survive, but it is more accurate to say that it is the “best adapted” that survive. Antibiotics are meant to destroy bacteria DNA, to “kill” it. However, if there are any surviving bacteria, there is a good chance that we have created the perfect environment for this “best adapted” bacteria to reproduce and then we are stuck with superbugs.

The remedy I picked up from the health food store does not destroy bacteria. Rather, it flushes the bacteria physically from the body, just as soap and water rinse germs off of the hands and down the drain.

When we got home we watched a very short video about antibiotic resistance.

My body was tired from being sick, but the weather was divine. So we plopped ourselves down on a picnic blanket and read Little Men for a long, long time.

Little Men

I wasn’t feeling great today, but I kept thinking about what I *would* be doing if the girls were at school. I might catch up on my own homework, or I might rest on the couch while mindlessly browsing the internet. I would probably not have gone outside. But there I was–there we were together–soaking in the healing sunshine and the cleansing air. My sweet Sera moved in front of me and rested her head on my knees. Sick or well, this was the best possible place to be:

Little Men

The rest of the day the girls spent outside, until Sera came in to study for her medieval history class at Tutorial and Amelie rehearsed a play she is learning for Drama class.

Later, we watched River Cottage together as a family.

Subjects covered today: Science, Literature, History, Drama, Homesteading, Cooking

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