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Day 5 – Tutorial Tuesday

Today my girls are at their weekly tutorial.

A homeschool tutorial is a  program that offers a variety of classes for students. Generally, tutorials meet once, twice, or three times a week. Some tutorials use a set curriculum that the parents follow on their homeschooling days. Some tutorials offer classes that are purely supplemental.

Our tutorial is supplemental. The girls can sign up for a variety of classes offered between 9am and 4:30pm. Our girls attend 5 classes each and they are at the tutorial from 10am until 4:30pm (with free time and lunch included) for a total of $160 dollars per month ($80 per kid). This is cheaper than many preschools. Plus, the girls get social interaction and mama gets work time.

This is a church-based school, but it is not a requirement to sign up for Bible classes. We are very happy with the classes the girls are taking. Examples of some of the course offerings are:

  • Knitting
  • Medieval History
  • Lego Build
  • Archery
  • Ecology
  • Algebra/Upper Math for older students
  • Creative Writing
  • Drama
  • Handbell Choir (I love that Sera is taking this!)

In the future, I will use Tuesdays to post interesting homeschool articles, additional resources, and to answer questions. Look for our regularly scheduled school day tomorrow:)

First day of tutorial

The girls on the first day of tutorial. They would not take a normal picture. It looks like Sera is trying to counterbalance the stereotype of the uncool homeschooler with her (even more awkward)flamingo pose.

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  1. alana says:

    so it’s only $160/month for BOTH of them? or each? i guess either way, pretty amazing. i wish i could take a handbell class!

    1. It breaks down to average $80 per kid per month, although Sera’s tuition is a bit higher than that and Amelie’s is a bit lower. This is because Sera takes a semi-private art lesson that costs a little more than the regular classes. But yes, $160 total!

    2. I’ll edit the post to clarify:)

  2. alana says:

    that’s it, i’m homeschooling. that is so so so awesome.

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