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Day 49 – Throwback Thursday: A Visit from a Friend (Part One)

A few weeks ago I received an email from a friend who I had not seen in nearly TEN years. Despite the availability of social media and all of the other digital ways of tracking people down, we had lost contact. We hadn’t even emailed in years. I screamed when I read her name and ran in to the other room, “I just got an email from Sara Wevodau!”

Sara was a friend from our college days, and from the church where Josh and I met. She and I sang together. She was there to witness the very tiny beginnings of a friendship between one quiet and tall computer geek, and one short and fiery musician…and when those two fell in love, Sara (along with another dear Sarah), spent hours baking cakes for their wedding day. Our wedding day. There is something so special about friends who have been there since the beginning–particularly the beginning of a marriage. We didn’t know anything then. Yet here we are, twelve years and two sweet girls later.

Not only did Sara track me down, but she also had the BEST news: she would be passing through Nashville on her way from North Carolina to Colorado…and could she possibly stay with us? I couldn’t WAIT to host her. We pulled out all of our old photo albums and showed the girls. I found a picture of Sara from the last time I had seen her–when she had met my tiny Sera.

Then she finally arrived…and there was lots of hugging, laughing, and surprise at the way our lives have paralleled in so many ways in terms of our passions and callings, and also the spiritual journey that we had begun as college kids at a tiny church on the beach.

Homeschool went right along as usual, and Sara was willing to go along with anything we had planned. We visited Shelby Nature Park, went to a class on the history of the Church calendar, and Sara and my own Sera even practiced playing drums together. My Sera has been taking African Drum class for a few weeks now, and she just about lost her mind when Sara brought in the djembe…that she made. She’s crazy like that. And it was so awesome to share her with my girls.

Here are a couple of pictures from way, way back.

Why are we pretending to smoke green onion like cigars? I don’t know. I blame youth.

Sara at our wedding in June 2001.

Sara at our wedding in June 2001.

Sara and Sarah’s fabulous cakes at our wedding. I requested strawberry. It was delicious.

Left to right: Sarah Wickersham (Now Hamner), Me, Hannah and Sarah Wevodau, and baby Sera in front:)

Left to right: Sarah Wickersham (Now Hamner), Me, Hannah and Sarah Wevodau, and baby Sera in front. June 2004–the last time I had seen Sara!

My Sera practicing on Sara's handmade djembe.

My Sera practicing on Sara’s handmade djembe.

I’ll post more pictures of her visit tomorrow!

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