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Day 48 – Brick Making 101

We started the day by feeding the chickens and then sitting together to read from the book of Exodus. We read about the Israelites being slaves in Egypt and about their work as brick layers. The Bible we use explained that the Egyptians would have added straw to the mud to make the brick mixture stronger. We decided to research this a bit, and very quickly the girls decided that they wanted to make their own bricks.

Through our research, we discovered that when straw is added to mud and water, it releases humic acid. It is the humic acid that strengthens the bricks. We could not find any information about ratios, so the girls hypothesized how much straw and mud would yield the best results for their bricks. Sera decided she would use a 60/40 ratio of straw to mud, and Amelie decided to use a 50/50 ratio. They were SO excited to go out and get muddy. After packing the bricks into our cereal box molds, we set them outside to dry. We will revisit our bricks in a later post!

Reading up on ancient Egypt

Reading up on ancient Egypt

Gathering straw

Mixing it up

Cereal box mold

After we came in, the girls watched a video about Cobb House Making, and then watched an episode of Liberty’s Kids. During reading time, Amelie read from Peter Pan and Sera read The Mystery of Meerkat Hill. I had found the Meerkat book at a local used bookstore while the girls were at tutorial on Tuesday, and I was so excited for Sera to have a new book to focus on for a few days (being Meerkat obsessed as she is), but she finished it in one afternoon!

The girls spent the rest of the day  outside. With the winter weather coming soon, we all agreed that as much time should be spent outside as possible–even if that means the girls pursue less “academic” subjects for awhile. There will be plenty of time for math and games and more reading when we are stuck inside during the winter months.

Subjects covered today: Bible, Architecture, Ancient Egypt, Science, Reading

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