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Day 43 – Take Your Daughter to Work Day

This morning Amelie made eggs. She was very serious:

Making Eggs

Afterward we watched the Nova documentary, Miracle of Life, and we also read a bit together.

By 10:00am this morning we were heading out the door for some time in the studio. I’m so thankful for my fellow artists and musicians and that it is a community that values our children. I sing in a band called, Rain for Roots, and it is an honor (and so much fun!) to craft music for little ones. Today we were recording the kids’ vocals for a song that they sing the echoes on.


I’m glad that the girls see me doing something I love to do and that I think is important. I’m glad that they get to participate. I’m so thankful for music!

Subjects covered today: Cooking, Reading, Science, Music

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