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Day 40 – A Million Little Things

Today was full of a million little things. Amelie spent last night at her friend R’s house after trick-or-treating. Because she was gone in the morning, Sera and I had a lot of time to ourselves.

First we went and grabbed coffee. on the way back home she told me all about her plans for a Meerkat rehabilitation project in the African desert. She wants to set up camps and to do a real field study. She also wants to teach the local people about Meerkats and Meerkat conservation so that the program is sustainable. I was amazed at all of her ideas! Mostly it was just so nice to sit together and for me to listen to her dreams. I tried not to condescend or make suggestions. I just listened.

Breakfast Date

Breakfast Date

Later we had a playdate with our little friends R and C. They played a bunch of games for a little while before heading outside: Apples to Apples, Tanagrams, Dominoes, and some sort of Sera-created game involving the cash register.


Outside, Sera climbed to the top of the tree and found the bird nest that had been used all spring by a family of mockingbirds!


Eventually, Sera and R were tired of climbing up and down the tree to hand things to each other, so they made a “conveyer belt” out of a board and a plastic tupperware lid.

conveyer belt

When C and R’s mom came over we talked about how wonderful it was that the kiddos were outside all day creating and engineering. I told her how quiet Sera was playing in the tree and how peaceful it was. Turns out Sera was BURNING LEAVES with a magnifying glass. Oops.


After lunch we picked up Amelie and all of the kids spent about an hour playing together at the park. At home, Amelie and Sera watched a documentary about Jane Goodall, played more Tanagrams, and then helped me make chicken pot pie.



The End!

Subjects covered today: Geometry, Nature, Engineering, Reading

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