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Day 4 – Finding our Rhythm

Remember way back in the beginning, like, last week, when I categorized our days by subject?

Yeah, we’re sort of over that.

As a reminder, I hope that this blog will not serve as a “how to” but more of an encouragement that you don’t have to absolutely know what you are doing to homeschool. We are still figuring it out. This year is about finding our rhythm. We might come back to structure later, we might not. Today I needed freedom from the schedule.

Today was supposed to be “Humanities Day,” but the girls were really inspired from Friday evening’s hummingbird event and I didn’t want to squelch their enthusiasm. I let them research hummingbirds, their migratory patterns, and the geography associated with different hummingbirds, etc., and then we watched part of a documentary about hummingbirds. Youtube is also a very helpful homeschool resource!


After lunch the girls spent 2 hours painting:

Painting Collage

Below is Sera’s finished Nativity project.


Topics covered today: Art, Nature, Science, and Geography.

The day felt mellow and full at the same time. I’m just so grateful that we can be home together!

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