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Day 38 – Field Study

This morning the girls read books and wrote letters, but we spent the bulk of the day at the zoo. I had promised Sera she could spend some time by herself observing Meerkats, so at the zoo she got busy taking notes while Amelie and I headed around the corner to the indoor exhibits.

Amelie has always been verbal, but I’m always amazed at how much she wants to tell me when it’s just the two of us. As a toddler she didn’t talk much until Sera went to preschool. I remember the exact moment the floodgates opened: It was Sera’s very first day of Mother’s Day Out and after dropping her off, my “shy” and quiet little two year old suddenly talked to me NONSTOP all the way home in the car.

The same thing happened today. All throughout the “Unseen World,” Amelie explained the different critters to me and chattered on as we walked together.

Amelie and I in the "Unseen World."

When we caught up with Sera, she was sitting quietly and scribbling notes. Yesterday she had prepared questions about Meerkat behavior and today she was hoping to find some answers. The girls come from a long line of biologists on Josh’s side of the family, so I am not surprised that Sera’s obsessions have followed that vein. Today was a chance for Sera to practice field research.

Meerkat Field Study

Sera was trying to answer a lot of practical questions, like how Meerkats are able to spot predators and why they are immune to scorpion poison. But I especially loved the questions she asked that gave me a little peek into her own heart:

“Why are they so caring for each other and other’s pups?”

“How are they so brave?”

I wonder the same sorts of things about my own little pups.


 So I watch…

…and take lots of notes.

Subjects covered today: Reading, Writing, Nature, Biology

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