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Day 36 – Meerkat Questions

I never write word-for-word what I journal from the day. Sometimes I just write bullet points in the journal of what we did that day, and elaborate later. Sometimes I write a lot and pare it down to fit the structure and the spirit of this blog. I love reading how I felt during the day. On Monday, October 28th (this day) I wrote:

I love my time spent with the girls. I love them. I love seeing them all the time and really knowing who they are. They are thriving. They are learning. They are getting along and loving each other. I am so blessed to be their mama.

This is why I homeschool. I’m so glad to be reminded of that–to remind myself of that.

Today the girls helped me sort out a new Rain for Roots song, which counted for music and Bible. Afterward, the girls read for 30 minutes while I edited the demo.

Demo vocals

Demo vocals

Later, Amelie watched the ballet “La Sylphide,” a ballet that she had the opportunity to perform in last spring. She painted while she watched.

Painting and Watching La Sylphide

Painting and Watching La Sylphide

Sera is obsessed with Meerkats. She has been learning all she can. Recently, our good friend Stephie suggested going to the zoo and letting her observe the Meerkats and take notes. Sera remembered this and asked me if we could go this week. I suggested that she take the day to draft questions she might have about Meerkats and to see if she could answer them through observation later.

Meerkat questions

“Why are they so caring for each other and other’s pups?”

I LOVED Sera’s questions. Some were funny, some were sweet, and all of them were very thoughtful. Most of these ideas for questions came from watching Meerkat Manor.

Subjects covered today: Music, Bible, Fine Arts, Nature 

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