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Day 35 – Cooking School

As many of you have figured out, I don’t blog in “real time.” I give myself some lag time (a couple of weeks) to blog ahead so that I have time to edit (and edit, and edit again), and to give space for any unforeseen obstacles that might come up that would prevent me from writing that day.

I keep a hand-written journal every day and I also take pictures. When it comes time to blog, I decide what one area to focus on from that particular day and I write. I try to keep the days of the week lined up so that the girls’ tutorial days always fall on Tuesdays. If they are sick a day, or we take a day off, we usually catch up on the weekend, but I don’t want to blog on the weekends, so I stick it in during the week.

The girls were sick one day this week, but we used Saturday to catch up. So everything I am posting came from that day.

Today was Cooking School!

We were on a mission to make gluten-free cinnamon rolls that tasted like the real thing. My older daughter has a wheat/gluten sensitivity, and we have all adapted to that lifestyle after her diagnosis a few years ago.

We try to eat clean, fresh, and relatively low in sugar, so gluten-free sweets or dessert substitutions are rare. But I have been dying for a cinnamon roll. A gooey, flakey, chewy roll.

I followed this recipe, which the girls read aloud. We calculated, measured, and mixed. It is a complicated recipe. We also watched a short video about how fermentation works and discussed the science behind yeast. Although it takes a lot of parental patience, cooking is such a great subject because it incorporates so much math and science. We made a few other things as well, but the cinnamon rolls took most of the morning.

They were absolutely delicious!

They were absolutely delicious!

Subjects covered today: Cooking, Science, Reading, Math

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