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Day 34 – Making Slime

The girls were already up and reading by the time I got out of bed, which always makes it feel like it is going to be an easy day. I sat down with them and read the “Joseph” story from the Bible, and then we watched King of Dreams on Netflix. We discussed the similarities and differences between the two, the difference between truth and fiction, and the concept of “creative license.”

Afterward I asked what they wanted to do, and like most times I asked this, Amelie answered that she wanted to do a science project. Historically I have not been very encouraging in the “project” department. This includes anything that requires the use of glue, or paint, or unnaturally colored sand.

After a few days of promising Amelie that we would do a science project, I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer. So, when Amelie asked, “Can I? Can I do a science project??” I paused, put on my brightest mom smile (does it still count if it isn’t 100% genuine?), and said, “Yes.”

That’s when I found out she didn’t just want to do any science “project,” she wanted to EXPERIMENT. By herself. With kitchen items and food coloring. By this time, Sera wanted to help, and I figured it would also create sister collaboration time. So once again, I said, “Yes.’

Baking soda, vinegar, salt, food coloring, and sprinkles

While they had fun, I think they were a little disappointed that there wasn’t and some sort of explosion or something equally as exciting. I remembered that we had a box of Borax under the sink.  I also (vaguely) remembered something from the preschool days about making homemade “slime.”

Remember the preschool days? Maybe you’re still there. Ours were before the Pinterest days, but we had blogs. OH we had the blogs. Homemade slime! Homemade finger paint! Homemade organic edible free range play-dough! Not quite, but almost.

Anyway, the preschool days were overwhelming. I made a couple of those things a couple of times and that was it. Let me tell you something: Your kid will not be deprived if you don’t make grape scented rainbow bubbles the size of their heads.

Thirty years ago? “Tactile play” was making mud in the kiddie pool or rubbing my cat the wrong way while my mom was inside NOT obsessing over whether or not I had done a craft project that day.

Nevertheless,  I pulled up an old recipe from the preschool-files and we made slime. We talked a little bit more about the periodic table, Borax, and where it comes from.

This is the recipe and method we used for making slime.

Besides making slime, the girls read books and studied multiplication a little bit today.

Making slime

Making Slime: Someone is a little bit excited.

I love clean. I love organized. I love the feeling of smooth (and glitter-less) wood floors beneath my bare feet. The most challenging part of homeschool (or parenting, for that matter) for me, is the mess. How about you?

Subjects covered today: Science, Chemistry, Reading, Math


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