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Day 3 – Mama Can’t Take a Sick Day

Today was a harder day. Not so much because of the kids, but because I’ve felt a cold coming on and accidentally slept in until 8am, which is our “official” start time. Despite the rest, I felt completely exhausted. If the girls were in school, I would have dropped them off, come home, and gone straight back to bed. However, life goes on at the ol’ Mighty Oak Academy, so instead I sucked it up, took a shower, put on some clothes, and made the bed.

We read out of the book of Genesis for Theology, then moved on to science, but I felt completely worn out. Apparently making the bed put me over the edge. Thank goodness for PBS. I put on Earthflighta nature documentary filmed from the perspective of birds. I was able to zone out like a co-ed with a hangover rest on the couch while the girls learned something. Win/win.

The girls had a snack and I could tell they were getting restless–which by the way, happens only when mom is sick or tired. Like dogs who can smell fear, children can smell exhaustion. Inside, a subconscious alarm sounds letting them know that it is the absolute best time to go bananas. This is par for the course in the summer time when it is perfectly acceptable to close myself in my bedroom and let them watch copious amounts of video from within the “feel good animated dinosaurs who are poets” section of Netflix (or something).

I pulled it together. I asked them what they wanted to do. After I got over the initial annoyance of their answer , science experiments!, it occurred to me that I could teach them how to set up their own science experiments and that I needn’t hand-hold throughout the entire process. This was liberating. I sat them down with their experiment books and walked them through the steps but then left them to conduct their own experiments. They did great. They finished their experiments and logged their notes.

Homeschool science experiments with food coloring

After science, I felt like they still needed time to connect with me and I felt like I’d had enough catch-up rest to not be totally useless, so we read Little Women until lunch. While reading, we looked up words we didn’t understand. My favorite? Prink.

Prink: to spend time making minor adjustments to one's appearance; primp

At the end of the day we went to Shelby Nature Center to the “Hummingbird Sip and See.” The girls got to watch hummingbirds off the back deck of the Nature Center while drinking lemonade and learning more about the birds. We also played a bit in the nature play area. Again, I’m really thankful for the resources in our community!

Studying hummingbirds at Shelby Nature Center

Journaling really helps realize how much we really do in a homschool day. Today we spent a significant amount of time studying the sciences (chemistry and nature) and also spelling and grammar through reading great literature.

If you are new to homeschooling and wondering if what you do is “enough,” I would encourage you to start a journal. You’ll be surprised!

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  1. Babci says:

    Thanx for sharing this way….this is fun lit for me and read aloud time for DotDot. You have such a way with words, Flo, and so it seems, teaching too.

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