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Day 29 – Peaceful Day

We have been reading through this book on the life of missionary Gladys Aylward for quite some time. We were quite a few chapters from finishing, but at the end of each chapter, the girls unanimously voted to keep going. So we read together, outside, for an hour. Some homeschool mornings are not so lovely. But this one was dreamy.

In addition to being biographical, the book covers World War I history as well as Chinese culture, history, and tradition. We looked up words we didn’t know (vocab) and  later in the day, the girls wrote book reports (penmanship, spelling, writing).

We also watched more of America, the Story of Us. I’d say that this is more of a dramatization than a documentary, and it’s definitely NOT the best out there, but it still held the girls interest enough so that they (well, Sera, really) didn’t want to turn it off.

Later, Amelie wanted to make flashcards for the 3 times tables. She worked on finding the right answers (with her math cubes) while Sera practiced multiplication with “flashcards” she made on the iPad.

When I checked Amelie’s answers I found some that were wrong. It gave me the opportunity to sit with her and watch as she recounted the different sets of math cubes she had formed for each problem. We realized she was just going too quickly and not counting every block. We had a discussion about slowing down and being thorough. I love these unexpected teaching moments.

Later in the day Amelie went to a friend’s house, and Josh, Sera, and I had a mini-date and watched The Fellowship of the Ring. Sera and I read through the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy last year and we’ve already watched the movies once. Josh likes to constantly quiz her about the differences between the book and the movie. It is a helpful way to get a handle on how much she retained from the book without a formal reading comprehension quiz. She remembers and understands quite a lot.

Nothing extraordinary happened today, and there were no big revelations to blog about. It was just a peaceful day on the homeschool front and we got a lot done while just hanging out together.

Math and Book Reports

Subjects covered today: Biography, History, Math, Reading, Writing

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  1. Kirsten says:

    I love the YWAM published missionary books! When I was doing a year of YWAM missions I had to read several of the books and loved them all. Very accessible and a lot of things to think about in terms of culture and faith. I was thinking of ordering the box set for Maggie soon, so glad to hear your girls loved the Gladys Alyward one!

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