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Day 28 – Recess in the Woods

This morning Josh had to take the computer in to the Apple Store, and we decided to go with him. I love how our flexibility with homeschool allows us to capture moments together.

In the car, I asked Amelie how her multiplication study was coming along. This led to multiplication review for both of the girls on our 25 minute drive across town. They recited a few facts, but more importantly, we talked about how and why multiplication works. When one of the girls would answer a question like, “What is 4 x 10?” Josh would say, “Okay, then what do you think 40 x 10 is?” He wasn’t drilling them; he was helping them make connections and build upon the skills they were already learning.

Even though we weren’t sitting in a chair at our house (or more desirably, outside on a blanket in the nice sunshine),  learning was still happening.



After we finished our errand and dropped Josh off at work, we headed to our homeschool meet-up and open play. There are over 100 families in our neighborhood homeschool group. “Open play” is a gathering at the local park where moms can sit on the grass and eat lunch in peace for once chat while the kiddos play together.

There is a community center with a gym, a playground, and because it backs up against the nature park, there are woods. Lots and lots of woods. My kids went off with a friend and found a cave, a little pollywog, and a turtle. Between yesterday and today, they have had their fill of the forest–but I don’t think it will ever be enough!

Philip T. Urtle was released back into the wild

Philip T. Urtle was released back into the wild

Even if I don’t blog about it, every day includes some sort of quiet reading time. After we got home from open play, and after a quick shower and a tick check (eek!), the girls got cozy with their books.


Subjects covered today: Math, Nature, and Reading

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  1. Lee Gonet says:

    Hello Flo, Josh, Sera, and Amelie,

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful selves. I unschooled my two children from birth until they both decided to go to college (we actually discouraged that route, believe it or not, but as it was their desire, all turned out well). The daily gift these two amazing people gave me as the three of us explored the world around us (sometimes with Dad in tow) is beyond my ability to express. Needless to say, my precious memory storehouse is chock full! Now, in their 30′s, they have lives of their own and continue to bless us with their curiosity, determination, originality, and service to others. I believe these characteristics flourish in them today because we nurtured their god-given desire to learn when they were young.

    Our grandchildren are now being unschooled in East Nashville, and their mom, Jessi, sent me the link to your website, saying: “I have hardly read an entry that doesn’t make me somehow tear up. I just love the way she writes about all of their amazing experiences… Plus, in addition to her homeschooling prowess, Flo is an extremely talented singer songwriter too (I attached her song ‘White and Blue’ which is one of my very favorite songs and happens to be what I was listening to when Finna was born).”

    Thank you for encouraging my family on your walk through this precious life that God gives to us all.

    Living with no regrets and much thanksgiving,

    1. Oh Lee, thank you so much for these encouraging and affirming words! What a wonderful experience you gave your children, and I just can’t tell you how appreciative I am to hear stories like yours while I am in the midst of all of this. Your daughter is a sweet mama, and I am so glad to be in community with her! Thanks so, so much for taking the time to comment.

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