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Day 27 – Engineering in Nature

This morning we watched a bit of the documentary, America: The Story of Us online on the History Channel and talked about the American Revolution. We discussed New England and connected the dots between early history and and the life of Louisa May Alcott, author of Little Women.

Some of our friends were on fall break from school, so we took the opportunity to trek out to their gorgeous property and hang out. As a point of honesty: If you homeschool after formal school, be prepared to miss some of your school friends. A lot. We are actively trying to maintain these relationships, but it can get tricky with everyone’s conflicting schedules.

Needless to say, we jump at the chance to spend time with these sweet friends. They are so dear to us. We go to church together, we have been involved in music projects together, and our kids went to school together for a couple of years. R is Amelie’s best friend, and M is Sera’s twin-brain. They love to geek out together!

My favorite part of all of this, is that roughly 13 years ago Josh and I got engaged at one of Don and Lori’s concerts, long before any of us would become friends. Who would have ever thought our paths would cross this way!? I’m so thankful.

The kids spent most of the day playing in the woods and building forts, and I sat inside with my lovely friend while we talked and worked independently on projects we needed to do. It was so perfect. I think that every once in a while a sanity-saving mom-to-mom hang out while the kids do something “schoolish” is a must for homeschoolers.

After several hours, we went outside to look for the kiddos. This is what we found:

I spy with my little eye...

I spy with my little eye…

Do you see them? We had to walk a little further…

Fort in the Woods

Fort in the Woods

Subjects covered today: American History, Engineering, Nature


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