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Day 22 – Library Day

We used Thursday as a research day at the library. Our library is one of my favorite places in Nashville. It is huge, with an entire floor dedicated to the kiddos. There are tiny couches for reading, little “mouse holes” and  houses hidden behind the bookshelves, and free marionette shows on the weekends. Two days a week they host “story time” unlike any other I’ve seen. It is in their beautiful children’s theater and features a wide array of interesting and really, really funny puppets and characters.

Photo Courtesy of Nashville Public Library

Photo Courtesy of Nashville Public Library

The other nice thing about the library, is that it is only a couple of blocks from Josh’s office downtown. He met us on his lunch break for a little family field trip. We paired up with the girls and taught them how to use the library computer to look up titles and how to search the call numbers.

Sera checked out books about the Kalahari Desert, meerkats, how to start her own business, and knitting. Amelie checked out books about the Civil War, Louisa May Alcott, and chemistry and science experiments. At home, the girls watched a DVD Sera had checked out about the Kalahari Desert.

If you haven’t done so already, I suggest taking a trip to your local library, not only to check out books, but also to teach the littles about the ins and outs of the process and also about library etiquette. A library lesson is a day well spent!

Nashville Public Library

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Breeze

Subjects covered today: Library, Research, Literature, Nature, Science

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