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Day 180 – Last Day of School

I am really having a hard time comprehending the title of this blog post. Day 180. The last day of school. We have come a long way since that very first day when I didn’t even have the date straight! Okay, I still don’t have the date straight half the time…but after turning in our grades and archiving everything we have learned for the year, it is evident that the girls–all of us–really have come so far.

This year was difficult at times. This year tested my patience. This year left me overcommitted and stretched thin. But this year was also a gift. It was a year with no regrets. Which, really, in itself is a rare blessing.

To celebrate, we had a party. The girls wanted to invite other homeschoolers, but I really wanted to keep it just us girls–the way we started that first morning. I remember that day, and the next, and that whole first week. When I knew that I must, somehow, facilitate 180 days of learning for the girls to meet the legal requirement to homeschool. That was daunting.

Yet here we are, at the very end of this year’s journey.

We celebrated By painting our fingernails…

IMG_8618 IMG_8625

Eating ice cream sundaes…


Listening to audiobooks… (HAHAHA! You are still learning at your own party! SUCKAS!)


And having a dance party.

IMG_8689 IMG_8697 IMG_8701

Yes, we are SUCH dorks.

IMG_8701 (1)

Yes, that IS a parakeet on the couch.


And at the end of our day, I had a notebook full of thousands of moments, and also, tears of gratitude. This blog has forced me to record everything we have done… to distill every day until one moment stands out like gold. Something to write about. Something to remember. Something that would have been lost, but is now our treasure.

I wanted to document our year, but I also wanted to help. I wanted someone who was searching for homeschooling ideas to see that a newbie could do it. Well? Here we are. With all of our mistakes and all of our triumphs.

But, it is done. And…this blog has served its purpose. Although I will keep it alive, I will not post every single day next year. It took me (on average) 3-4 hours a day to maintain the blog. I look forward to putting those hours into these growing girls as I also try to finish strong in my last year of undergrad.

And speaking of growing girls, would ya look at these two?


Rising 3rd and 5th graders. Legally graduated to the next grade. But more importantly, empathetic, persistent, strong, and kind. And, they are mine. Thank you for letting me share them with you. Thank you for letting me throw out every mundane moment of every day. THANK YOU for responding with encouragement. It has meant more than you will ever know.

See you next year!


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