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Day 173 – Girl Time and a Field Trip to McKay

The second I got back from my retreat (well, nearly the second) Josh left to go on a 4-day trip to the beach with a couple of his friends.

When I left for my retreat, I left zero instructions regarding the children, food, or the house. When Josh left, he left me a page-long instructional sheet with bullet points about the garden. I hope I don’t kill anything.

With Josh gone, and our routine a bit disrupted, I thought it would be fun to try to do a field trip every day.

Today we wanted to go to McKay to trade in some of our old books for some new (used) books. But before we left, I had the girls help out with some of the house chores–including picking strawberries:

IMG_8443 IMG_8440

And making fresh mayonnaise:



Once we were done, we went to McKay. We only had a couple of old books to trade in, but we still got $10 dollars in store credit, which was enough for all of us to get a book or two!


I’ve been slowly building our Audubon Society Field Guide library. Today I found the Amphibian and Reptile field guide! I don’t think I’ve ever come away from McKay empty-handed. And it was a nice way to make the time go by while Josh is away.

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