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Day 171 – Tutorial Tuesday: Field Day

Ah, Field Day.

The elementary school tradition that has kids tying their ankles together with rope, throwing burlap sacks over their bare legs, and hula-hooping in a never ending standoff. Seriously though, do not underestimate a tween girl with a hula hoop. I have seen this myself. They had to call a tie because those girls would have hula-ed FOREVER. While also staring each other down. It was intense.

Personally, Field Day brings up feelings of anxiety and inadequacy for the artsy and awkward child that I was trying to compete in an Ag-town full of athletes. In dusty Atascadero. In 1,000 degree weather.

But somehow, I have found myself volunteering at every one of the girls’ field day celebrations for the last several years. And THEY LOVE IT, so I guess that is all that matters.

IMG_1742 IMG_1748

This was our first tutorial Field Day, and while it felt mostly the same as every other Field Day (the games, the blazing sun, the incredible amount of child sweat), there were a couple of differences.

First of all, between rotation on the field, a few classes at a time were allowed to come into the gym to enjoy popcorn, popsicles, face paint, and a bounce house. This was AWESOME. I helped with the popcorn. This was also awesome because the gym was air-conditioned. I picked the absolute right place to volunteer.


Second, there were still 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons.

This made it infinitely more fun for Sera (who won several) and infinitely more sad for Amelie (who won one ribbon). At their old school, there were just participatory ribbons. I’m not really entrenched in the “children these days don’t know what competition is” camp, but I think competition does have its place. And personally, I felt that the place ribbons made Field Day more exciting and enjoyable.

IMG_8661 IMG_8668

Sera proudly displayed her ribbons on her bulletin board as soon as we got home. The top row displays her tutorial ribbons from this year. It was really sweet because the station leaders wrote their names and the activity on the back of each ribbon. The bottom row shows her participation ribbons for her previous field days.

All in all, Field Day felt fun and exciting with a healthy dose of competition. It was one of the first that I’ve enjoyed in years, and look forward to it again next year!


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