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Day 169 – Twice Baked Potatoes

Today after math, we kept reading Farmer Boy.


The girls made their own lunch together…

IMG_8274 IMG_8281

And after “school” they watched a movie together…



I love these sweet sisters!

Amelie wound up having a playdate with a friend after this, and Sera had a playdate with Kiwi.


Besides all of the reading, the self-sufficiency, and the together-ness, the best part of the night was yet to come…


Sera made twice-baked potatoes ALL on her own! She had gotten the idea from a restaurant in the Outer Banks and has been begging to try to make them ever since. We paired the potatoes with leftover pulled pork, and I didn’t have to do any cooking at all–which of course, is the BEST kind of day.


They were delicious! I hope Sera decides to make us more food in the future, because it really is quite nice to be served dinner in my own house.


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