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Day 168 – Spring Rain

Today was such a sweet and simple day. It was overcast and rainy, and the girls and I organized and cleaned the house first thing in the morning. Well, actually, first thing in the morning the girls did their math. BEFORE I even woke up. Amelie has been on this math kick, where she gets up before me, and practices math. Umm. Please tell me what I did to deserve such a child. Anyway, it was a blessing to me, and it made the rest of the day go by very smoothly.

We had a lot of relaxed free time, and so I taught the girls some chords on the piano and guitar and they tried to play together. It would be my dream come true to form a family band!

Later in the afternoon, we read more of Farmer Boy. We read a section about shearing sheep and carding wool, which led to us watching YouTube videos of the practice. Josh and I had talked about getting alpaca someday if we ever have a lot of land, and I thought it would be fun to read about alpaca while we were reading about sheep anyway. Turns out alpaca are about $20K a pop. So no. We will not be getting alpaca.

That’s fine, these girls are happy as larks with Kiwi the Parakeet. And speaking of Kiwi…


He enjoyed (or hid from?) the lovely spring rain the girls were soaking up today.


I’m so thankful for this sprinkling and for the way the air is changing. I’m so glad winter is over.

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